ToastAmbassador.com is an extra-nerdy project by Sarah Blackstock.


One day she needed to sign up for a Google Apps email through WordPress.com (where she works) for testing purposes, which meant getting a new domain first, and resulted in this one. Have you joined the toast-loving mailing list yet?

What’s the deal with toast?

Sarah really loves toast, and her name is an alias for the cute toast emoji (look!) in the Automattic Slack.

Does she have any other awkward domains?

Perhaps you’ve heard of the Pretty Little Liars-inspired tennisballwearingawig.com? 😉


The Kawaii Toast is from Collective Creation & the leaf frame is from Erin Bradley Designs (both on Etsy). They were combined in Inkscape to make Sarah’s status as Ambassador of Toast super legit. This website is hosted by WordPress.com.